To keep pace with the newest technologies while ensuring quality with optimized production capacity, our units comprise of automated 5ply and 3ply corrugation machines with built in moisture control systems. A heat rolling process prior to corrugation removes all moisture content from the paper and allows for stiffer joints and maximum glue adhesion. A single cycle, long bed process ensures maximum structural support to the corrugated ply sheet output.

5 ply corrugated boxes will have 3 linerboards and 2 fluted papers sandwiched together. These boxes handle high pressure and can be stacked up for easy and low-cost storage or transporting.

Our inhouse department for printing, slotting, die cutting and stitching transforms your corrugated packaging design from concept to final product.

To maintain our standards, a rigorous and thorough QC process has been established from pre to post-production. A fully equipped laboratory with accurate testing machinery as described below ensures we maintain the quality we set out to achieve

1. Substance thickness Indicator to test the GSM of paper

2. Bursting Strength Testing Machine

3. Moisture Scale

Management Team

Mr. Nilkanth Marathe – Chief Managing Director

Mr. Sanjay Salgaonkar – Director ,Marketing

Mr. Sumit Marathe- Director, Production